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The Commission is currently revising Book 7 (Microbiological Testing in Food Safety Management) and a second edition will be published soon in which new chapters will appear on matters not addressed in the current version of Book 7 and current chapters will be revised / updated to encompass new science.


The Commission participated in the recent Congress of the International Union for Food Science and Technology (IUFoST) held in Montreal on 17-21 August 2014, with a session on Food Safety - Role of Microbial Testing in the Context of Risk Management Based on Book 8 (ICMSF) held on 18 August 2014. This was the first time that the ICMSF has participated in an IUFoST Congress. A talk on Interplay between Risk Assessment and Risk Management and The Emergence of New Food Safety Metrics was given by Jeff Farber, Director, Bureau of Microbial Hazards, Health Canada, Food Directorate, Ottawa, ON, Canada, whilst a talk on Risk management metrics and their relationship to microbiological criteria and testing was given by Martin Cole, Director Food and Nutrition Flagship, CSIRO, Australia.

The rest of the session was dedicated to a panel discussion on the important and very relevant topic of Future needs for HACCP and Risk Management in Controlling Microbiological Hazards in the Global Food Supply. The aim of the panel discussion was to discuss the role of HACCP in light of advances in risk management and increasing importance of pre-requisite controls in ensuring the safety of food and the increasing need for through chain control measures. Potential questions or areas for discussion included:

  1. What are the current issues and experiences with the application of HACCP in the emerging food safety issues?
  2. How are HACCP principles evolving to cope with complex through chain issues?
  3. How can we make the stringency of HACCP plans more quantitative and risk based?

Participants in the panel discussion were:

Jeff Farber, Director, Bureau of Microbial Hazards, Health Canada, Food Directorate
Martin Cole, Director Food and Nutrition Flagship, CSIRO, Australia
Joseph Scimeca, VP Global Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, Cargill, USA
Yao-wen Huang, Professor, University of Georgia, Atlanta, GA, USA
Martin Lo, Biointellipro LLC, Ashton, MD, USA


Ivan Parkin Award Lecture

Dr. Jeff Farber's presentation of the Ivan Parkin Award Lecture, during the opening session of the Annual Meeting of the International Association for Food Protection, held in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 31st, 2016.