Annual Reports

Each year, ICMSF provides an annual report to the International Union of Microbiological Societies to summarize membership and activities. An example is presented below and select past reports are provided in pdf.

Note to IUMS on ICMSF activities (2016-2017)


As of August 2017, ICMSF membership consisted of 17 food microbiologists and related experts
from 13 countries. ICMSF members’ joint professional food safety expertise is wide-ranging,
including risk assessment, research, product and process development, public health, agriculture,
food technology, food safety management, quality control, education, systems thinking and
process engineering.

Meetings, Workshops and Projects

ICMSF held its Annual Meeting from 10-15 October 2016 in Penang, Maylasia. Sixteen members attended, including two newly elected members, Dr. Darrell Donahue, Michigan State University and Dr. Michelle Danyluk, University of Florida. ICMSF work efforts focused on final revisions for the 2nd edition of Microorganisms in Food 7 – Microbiological Testing in Food Safety Management, which is anticipated to be published in 2017. Projects for 2017 include a new book on emerging issues on microbiological safety and stability of food, transition of the ICMSF website to a new host site, and a Q&A document on microbiological sampling for food. Plans are underway for the October 2017 Annual Meeting which is to be held in Vlaardingen, the Netherland, in conjunction with an ICMSF sponsored workshop on The Role of Food Safety and Stability in Assuring Global Food Security, which will gather input from outside experts related to the Commission’s new book.

ICMSF members continue to participate in important technical FAO/WHO expert meetings and consultations as well as in Codex. Drs. Leon Gorris and Lucia Anelich continue to contribute comments on the revision of the General Principles for Food Hygiene and its HACCP annex. The Commission’s Microorganisms in Food 8, which provides recommendations on useful testing to ensure operational control of food safety for various foods has been translated into Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese, and continues to be of high interest to the food safety community.

Concurrent to its annual meeting in October, the Commission conducted a workshop and a symposium on microbiological considerations in food safety management, during the 4th Asia Pacific International Food Safety Conference & 7th Asian Conference on Food and Nutrition Safety in Penang, Malaysia. ICMSF members also organized and presented well-received workshops on the role of microbiological testing for food safety food safety issues in Beijing and Shanghai, China in early 2017.

The Commission’s website move to a new host site continues to be under revision to update content as well as facilitate functionality for easier maintenance. Information on current members is now available on the website, and information on past meetings for posting is in progress. The Commission hopes to add videos related to its work in the coming year. The public website remains

Respectfully submitted,

Katherine M.J. Swanson
ICMSF Secretary
13 August 2017
(Address for correspondence: ICMSF, 545 Huber Drive, Mendota Heights, MN 55120, USA;