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CCFH 2017
ICMSF Chicago 2017Former ICMSF member Dr. Bruce Tompkin and ICMSF Secretary Dr. Leon Gorris representing ICMSF at the Codex Committee on Food Hygiene, Chicago 13th to 17th November 2017.

2016 – Farber receives IAFP’s Ivan Parkin Award

2016 – Farber receives IAFP’s Ivan Parkin AwardDr. Jeff Farber’s presentation of the Ivan Parkin Award Lecture, during the opening session of the Annual Meeting of the International Association for Food Protection, held in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 31st, 2016.

2008 – ICMSF Receives GMA Food Safety Award

ICMSF Awarded GMA Food Safety AwardOn August 6, 2008, the International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods (ICMSF) received the 2008 Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) Food Safety Award at the annual meeting of the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) in Columbus, Ohio.

ICMSF Chairman Martin Cole, Ph.D., accepted the honor on behalf of the Commission, along with an impressive group of past and present ICMSF members who took the stage with him for the award presentation.

The GMA Food Safety Award is awarded annually to individuals or organizations in recognition of a long history of outstanding and timely contributions to the global management of food safety issues.

In presenting the award plaque and $3,000 honorarium to ICMSF, Craig W. Henry, Ph.D., GMA Senior Vice President Chief Operating Officer of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, stated, “This award recognizes an outstanding organization or individual who has made very significant contribution to food safety. Since 1962, ICMSF has provided microbiological specifications, books and resources to the global food supply chain, putting together hard science in its recommendations and supporting the essential science that the industry needs to assure food safety. We appreciate all the Commission has done in the past four decades, and we look forward to its continued contributions to food safety knowledge in the years to come.”

Cole thanked GMA for recognizing the long-time contributions of ICMSF, noting that . “It’s a real thriill for us to have some of ICMSF’s veterans with us here tonight-John Silliker, Frank Busta, Mike Doyle, just to name a few. Thanks to their hard work, they really set a solid foundation for this organization. The 18 microbiologists from around the world who comprise the current sitting Commission are committed to keeping the traditions of the ICMSF set by these pioneers. We’ve worked well together to provide the scientific and conceptual information that is critical to the successful application of food safety principles, approaches and risk management techniques at all links in the global food chain.”

On behalf of ICMSF, Cole donated the $3,000 honorarium to the IAFP Foundation, which provides financial resources for encouraging development of food safety professionals, sharing and exchange of scientific information on food safety, enhancing food safety in developing nations around the world, and promoting food safety around the world.