An extensive network of consultants has contributed to the work of the Commission. Consultants are selected based on their technical expertise. The Commission recognizes the assistance of these consultants who served on a voluntary basis without honoraria.

Name Country Years Activity
Accolas, JP France Pre-1980 Book 3
Anderson, GG Canada Pre-1974 Book 2
Asensio, MA Spain 1994 Book 3 (2nd ed)
Baer, EF USA Pre-1978 Book 1
Barnes, EM England Pre-1980 Book 3
Beckers, HJ The Netherlands Pre-1980 Book 3
Beerens, H W France Pre-1974 Book 2
Bennett, Reginald W USA Pre-1978 Book 1
Besters, B South Africa 1996 Publications
Böhme, CF West Germany Pre-1980 Book 3
Braeunig, Juliane Germany 2000 Book 6 (2nd ed)
Bray, DF Canada Pre-1974 Book 2
Brooymans, AWM Belgium Pre-1980 Book 3
Brown, K UK Pre-1996 Book 5
Brown, MH England Pre-1980 Book 3
Bruijn, J South Africa Pre-1980 Book 3
Burr, Irving W USA Pre-1974 Book 2
Caruso, NS Uruguay Pre-1996 Book 5
Casolari, A Italy Pre-1996 Book 5
Cerf, Olivier France 1992-03 Book 3 (2nd ed)
Clarke, I South Africa 1996 Publications
Corlett, Don A jr. USA Pre-1980 Book 3
Davidson, CM Canada Pre-1980 Book 3
de Man, JC Switzerland Pre-1980 Book 3
Desmarchelier, Patricia Australia 1999 Book 7
Dickie, N Canada Pre-1978 Book 1
Dickinson, AB England Pre-1980 Book 3
Drion, EF The Netherlands Pre-1974 Book 2
Dykes, GA South Africa 1996 Publications
Eklund, T Norway Pre-1996 Book 5
Erdman, IE Canada Pre-1974 Book 2
Fishbein, M USA Pre-1978 Book 1
Friesen, RM Canada Pre-1980 Book 3
Gabis, Damien USA Pre-1978 Book 1
Gardner, GAG United Kingdom Pre-1996 Book 5
Garthright, William USA 1999 Book 7
Gilbert, R England Pre-1978 Book 1
Gould, Graham W England 1994 Book 3 (2nd ed)
Grappin, R France Pre-1978 Book 1
Greenall, M England Pre-1980 Book 3
Harmon, SM USA Pre-1978 Book 1
Hauschild, A Canada Pre-1978 Book 1
Hernandez Haba, J Spain 1994 Book 3 (2nd ed)
Hughes, J England Pre-1978 Book 1
Huss, HH Denmark Pre-1996 Book 5
Jackson, GK USA Pre-1978 Book 1
Jakobsen, M Denmark Pre-1996 Book 5
Jarvis, G Canada Pre-1988 Book 2 (2nd ed), Book 4
Jemmali, M France Pre-1980 Book 3
Jensen, Ian Austrailia 2011 Book6 (2nd ed)
Jermini, Marco Switzerland 2003 Book 6 (2nd ed)
Jezeski, John J USA Pre-1980 Book 3
Jovanoic, L Former Yugoslavia Pre-1974 Book 2
Kampelmacher, EH The Netherlands Pre-1978 Book 1
Kautter, Donald A USA Pre-1978 Book 1
Kenney, PG USA Pre-1980 Book 3
Kilsby, Derrick England Pre-1986 Book 2 (2nd ed)
Klapwijk, P The Netherlands 1992-93 Book 3 (2nd ed)
Klijn, CJ The Netherlands
Klopp, AH Canada Pre-1980 Book 3
Knowles, C England Pre-1980 Book 3
Kolari, OE USA Pre-1980 Book 3
Konowalchuk, J Canada Pre-1978 Book 1
Koolman, WJ The Netherlands Pre-1980 Book 3
Kruse, Hilde Norway 1999, 2000 Book 7
Lee, Alvin Australia 2007, 2011, 2016 Publications
Leistner, L Germany Pre-1978 Book 1
Lowenstein, MS USA Pre-1974 Book 2
Lowry, David New Zealand 2007 Publications
Lynch, Helen USA Pre-1980 Book 3
Lynt, RK USA Pre-1978 Book 1
Lyon, DA Canada Pre-1974 Book 2
Marsch, D USA 2005 Publications
Matyas, Z Switzerland Pre-1974 Book 2
McCoy, JH United Kingdom Pre-1980 Book 3
McMaster, L South Africa Pre-1980 Book 3
Mehlman, IJ USA Pre-1978 Book 1
Mercuri, AJ USA Pre-1980 Book 3
Meursing, EH Holland Pre-1980 Book 3
Michels, MJM The Netherlands Pre-1980 Book 3
Minamoto, Tatsuya Japan 2015 Animation
Mollaret, HH France Pre-1978 Book 1
Moreno García, B Spain 1994 Book 3 (2nd ed)
Mulder, RWAW The Netherlands 1993 Book 3 (1st & 2nd ed.)
Muys, G Tuynenburg The Netherlands Pre-1980 Book 3
Neitzert, A West Germany Pre-1980 Book 3
Northolt, MD The Netherlands Pre-1980 Book 3
Notermans, ISHW The Netherlands Pre-1980 Book 3
Ordoñez Pereda, JA Spain 1994 Book 3 (2nd ed)
Ormay, L Hungary Pre-1974 Book 2
Palumbo, Sam A USA Pre-1980 Book 3
Paoli, G Canada 2005 Publications
Park, C Canada Pre-1978 Book 1
Patterson, JT Northern Ireland Pre-1980 Book 3
Qvist, S Denmark 1996 Publications
Ravno, AB South Africa Pre-1980 Book 3
Rayman, K Canada Pre-1978 Book 1
Richard, J France Pre-1978 Book 1
Reinius, L Switzerland Pre-1974 Book 2
Robern, H Canada Pre-1978 Book 1
Rowe, B England Pre-1978 Book 1
Ruitenberg, EJ The Netherlands Pre-1978 Book 1
Samson, R The Netherlands 1993 Book 3 (2nd ed)
Sakazaki, R Japan Pre-1978 Book 1
Sanders, AC USA Pre-1978 Book 1
Schantz, EJ USA Pre-1978 Book 1
Seward, RA USA Pre-1980 Book 3
Shay, Barry Australia 1999 Book 7
Shewan, James M Scotland Pre-1974 Book 2
Siebers, BH USA Pre-1980 Book 3
Skole, RD USA Pre-1980 Book 3
Smittle, Richard B USA Pre-1980 Book 3
Stavric, S Canada 1960s or 70s Book 1
Stephan, Roger Switzerland 2003 Book 6 (2nd ed)
Stewart, Cynthia USA 2005 Book 8
Stoloff, L USA 1960s or 70s Book 1
Teoh, Keng Ngee Singapore 2016 Publications
Tilbury, RH England Pre-1980 Book 3
Vassiliadis, RO Greece Pre-1974 Book 2
von Holy, Alex South Africa 1996-97 Publications
Wagenaar, RO USA Pre-1980 Book 3
Wan, Jason Australia 2004 Publications
Wienele, AA England Pre-1978 Book 1
Whiting, Richard USA 2005 Book 8
Zink, Donald USA 2005 Book 8