Webinar: Advancing food safety with effective microbiological sampling plans

15 December 2023

At the 17th Dubai International Food Safety Conference (DIFSC 2023) as special session, an ICMSF webinar was organised on 15 December 2023 with more than 200 attendees.

After presentations by Leon Gorris, Marcel Zwietering and Peter McClure, a general discussion was held also including John Donaghy and Wayne Anderson.

DIFSC 2023 was organised by the Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality and supported by the IAFP. The 2023 theme was “Impact of Climate Change on Food Safety.”


Introducing ICMSF and key concepts/tools
Leon Gorris

Statistical basis and residual risk
Marcel Zwietering

ICMSF sampling plan tool applied to some practical questions
Peter McClure

Generic discussion
John Donaghy and Wayne Anderson joining the panel

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