ICMSF COVID session on IAFP Europe (27-28 APRIL 2021)

The ICMSF presented a symposium on COVID-19: “Assessing Potential Consumer Risk and Managing Value Chain Disruption” at the IAFP European Symposium (27-28 April 2021). Watch the recording. IAFP is acknowledged for providing permission to post this recording.

WEBINAR RECORDINGS “LAS-ICMSF Webinar – Update on food safety” (13-15 APRIL)

The Latin American Sub-Commission (LAS) of the International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods (ICMSF), did hold the “LAS-ICMSF Webinar – Update on food safety” program), on the 13th to 15th of April 2021, 9 am – 1 pm (GMT – 3). Members of the ICMSF did clarify sampling plans, as well as the justification for establishing  microbiological criteria and the application in different products. This webinar is based on the ICMSF principles, presented in book 8 “Use of Data for Assessing Process Control and Product Acceptance”. In addition, a discussion on Covid-19 is presented in the current context of food safety, an issue that has caused great concern and doubts among consumers and professionals working in the food production chain. 

Recording day 1: April 13          Recording day 2: April 14          Recording day 3: April 15  

Playlist: Useful Testing in Food Safety Management

For many years, the ICMSF has published its work in books and publications. To complement these communication
channels, the Commission is exploring the use of video clips to provide science-based advice and guidance on
appraising and controlling the microbiological safety of food that supports public health protection and facilitates
fair trade. The first playlist, recorded in 2017, was based on ICMSF (2018)
Microorganisms in Foods 7: Useful Testing in Food Safety Management (2nd edition).
It includes the following clips:

1. History of the ICMSF, Martin B. Cole (2017) : 01 Slides
2. Microbiological Testing Basics, Robert L. Buchanan (2017) : 02 Slides 
3. Microbiological Testing for Validation and Verification, Katherine M.J. Swanson (2017) : 03 Slides 
4. Microbiological Testing for Food Lots, Katherine M.J. Swanson (2017) : 04 Slides 
5. Microbiological Testing for Process Control, Katherine M.J. Swanson (2017) : 05 Slides 
6. The Anatomy of a Sampling Plan, Marcel H. Zwietering (2017) : 06 Slides 
7. The ICMSF Cases Concept, Leon G.M. Gorris (2017) : 07 Slides 
8. Microbiological Testing and Distribution of Microorganisms in Food, Marcel H. Zwietering (2017) : 08 Slides
9. Microbiological Testing and Performance of Sampling Plans, Marcel H. Zwietering (2017) : 09 Slides 
10. Operating Characteristic Curves and Sampling Plan Performance, Martin B. Cole (2017) : 10 Slides

Note: the link after the Playlist directs you to the youtube playlist. The links after the presentations directs you to a pdf of the slides of the presentations

A second playlist can be found on the bottom of this page. 

The ICMSF acknowledges all members for their contributions to the concepts and practical advice of the Commission that is the basis of these video clips. In particular, the current and past members that provided this first video playlist are commended for their initiative and pioneering work.
The work of the Commission has been supported by a range of contributors over the years, including financial and in-kind support from organizations that members are or have been affiliated. The production of the 2017 videos was made possible through financial contributions to the ICMSF Sustaining Fund. Donations from Wal-Mart Food Safety Collaboration Center (Beijing) and others to the ICMSF Sustaining Fund are acknowledged in this regard.
We are grateful to the staff of Multimedia Wageningen University for their skillful support during recording of the 2017 video clips.
The original clips were recorded in English. English subtitles are available and translated versions are being considered. Those interested in collaborating with the Commission to provide additional language versions are encouraged to contact ICMSF.


11 Why do we have so many different types of sampling plans ? Marcel H. Zwietering (2020): 11 Slides
12 Introduction of the ICMSF Sampling Plan Tool, Leon G.M. Gorris (2020): 12 Slides
13 The ICMSF Spreadsheet Tool: Typical details for a 2-class count plan, Marcel H. Zwietering (2020): 13 Slides
14 Geometric and Arithmetic means, Marcel H. Zwietering (2020): 14 Slides
15 A 3-class mixed plan with both a qualitative and a quantitative limit, Marcel H. Zwietering (2020): 15 Slides
16 Using the ICMSF Sampling Plan Tool to assess the performance of Microbiological Criteria. Part 1: MCs for Listeria monocytogenes in Ready to Eat Foods,
Leon G.M. Gorris (2020): 16 Slides
17 Using the ICMSF Sampling Plan Tool to assess the performance of Microbiological Criteria. Part 2: MC for Listeria monocytogenes in RTE Foods not supporting growth,
Leon G.M. Gorris (2020): 17 Slides
18 Using the ICMSF Sampling Plan Tool to assess the performance of Microbiological Criteria. Part 3: MC for Listeria monocytogenes in RTE Foods supporting growth,
Leon G.M. Gorris (2020): 18 Slides
19 The ICMSF Spreadsheet Tool: Example Campylobacter performance, Marcel H. Zwietering (2020): 19 Slides


History of ICMSF
Martin B. Cole